Kapula - The Warm Art of Africa

Centered in a small farming town at the heart of South Africa’s Overberg region, Kapula imparts the vibrant colourful spirit of African Handcraft into everything they touch. From humble beginnings in the founder Ilse’s kitchen to a fully-fledged family business one year later, Kapula now employs over 160 people. Fiercely loyal to handmade processes, each item is made using carefully sourced raw materials, handcrafted from beginning to end, all with the aim of creating sustainable employment for as many people as possible. Operating since 1993, their workforce is now over 90% women, and half have been part of the Kapula family for over a decade.

Responding to the scarcity of employment opportunities available in their rural community, Kapula is not just committed to creating jobs. Working in partnership with the World Fair Trade Organisation, Kapula is committed to creating a positive, empowering work environment. The talented team of hand-painters creates Kapula’s signature designs along-side Ilse and her daughter. A process that is inclusive and collaborative, this coming together to create colourful, brave, and distinct designs nurtures a sense of ownership for all. Kapula is also a prominent member of the Cape Craft Design Institute, supporting team members to access their wide range of vocational and personal development training opportunities.

Continuously working to ensure their quality African handcrafts are made and traded ethically at the highest standard, Kapula proudly upholds the Ten Principles of Fair Trade. With this aim at heart, they have attained the status of Guaranteed Fair Trade Organization, the highest possible level of membership within the WFTO.

Committed to the Kapula Family, their community, and their country, with your support they will continue to thrive. Kapula will continue their commitment to providing sustainable employment, access to new skills, celebrating local culture, producing quality handcrafts, and above all, spreading the warm art of Africa.