Pashom - Inspiring Imaginative Play

Designed in Australia and made Fair Trade in Nepal, Pashom toys are felted and stitched by hand from premium New Zealand wool. A rare alternative to mass-produced toys, Pashom provides a sustainable option for happy kids and a healthy planet. Founded on a deep love for Nepal, Fiona Chadwick developed a strong connection with the local community through an extended stay volunteer teaching experience back in 2002. After witnessing the courage, resilience, and work ethic of the local women artisans, Fiona was inspired to action. With the aim of contributing to the wellbeing and empowerment of marginalized women, she began designing an eco-friendly range of toys and nursery decorations that would ignite the imagination.

Nearly two decades later, the workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal provides secure full-time employment to 35 woman artisans. Managed by Anita Gurung, a powerful and compassionate driving force who not only manages supply chains and production quality but also supports the wellbeing of artisans. Coming from diverse backgrounds and a variety of regions across Nepal and India, Pashom artisans received above-average award rates, an annual salary bonus, paid sick leave, and annual leave. Acknowledging the importance of a mother’s love, and knowing many of their employees are single mothers supporting their families, Pashom artisans are also given the option to work from home on their own time. Beyond supporting workers, a portion of Pashom profits is also committed to supporting the ongoing education of artisans’ children.  

Intent on providing what is only just, a happy, fair, and dignified work environment, Pashom is a proud member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand. Pashom is dedicated to supporting women’s skills development and the handmade cottage craft industry in Nepal through fair trade employment. Artisans are empowered to become financially independent so that they and their children have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Designed to inspire valuable play-based learning, Pashom’s natural, ethical toys are handmade from beginning to end. Every detail and embellishment comes from a mother’s touch. Pashom artisans take pride in their work, a love for their craft that can be felt in every Pashom product, unique toys to be treasured for years to come.