Eden - A Safe Haven

Eden is just that, a safe haven. Going far beyond beautiful jewellery, Eden is an organisation devoted to the rescue and recovery of people who have been victims of human trafficking. Regardless of gender, ethnicity, or religion, survivors are welcomed into a supportive community with a holistic approach to assist in the transition from despair to dreaming.
Maintaining strong ties with anti-trafficking police, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations, Eden operates an outreach program entering known brothels. Their team offers victims access to healthcare and an opportunity for safe escape.
Newcomers to Eden are provided safe housing, restorative counseling, and a full-time income. To earn a full day’s wage she makes jewellery part-time, creating beautiful pieces to carry stories of courage like hers into the world. The rest of her time is spent in counseling, art & dance therapy, education or vocational training. Earning a full day’s wage allows her to focus on physical, emotional, and spiritual healing without the pressures of lost-income.
Thanks to their inspired collection of delicate handmade jewellery, it’s easy to help Eden achieve their vision of a world where no one is bought or sold.