The Fatima Centre - A Legacy of Active Compassion

Grounded in a long legacy of compassionate care, the Fatima Centre’s engaging range of cotton toys are handmade by underprivileged women and girls from the local slums of Bangkok.
This not-for-profit organisation stems from the Good Shepherd Sisterhood, a congregation founded in France in 1835, solely devoted to assisting disadvantaged women & children. The Fatima Centre works to restore dignity, build esteem, and support self-sufficiency, regardless of religious affiliation.
Since arriving in Thailand in 1965, they have been committed to providing opportunities to marginalized women and children, encouraging them to reach their full potential. They have welcomed over 2,200 people through their doors, providing a safe haven for victims of abuse, a home-way-from home for migrants and asylum seekers. The Fatima Centre combats unemployment, illness, and poverty, with education, support, and respect.
The Fatima Centre has assisted over 1000 women to return to school, with 400 attaining a primary education, 700 completing an M3 secondary education, and 54 completing higher education University degrees.
Welcoming one of the Fatima Center’s joyful handmade toys into your home means you are contributing your support to the women and girls of Thailand.

“Through the work of their own hands, women have been able to feed and clothe their families and hundreds of children have received early childhood education.”
- Sr. Louise Horgan, Director of the Fatima Centre

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