Starfish Project - Wear Hope, Give Hope

Starfish Project support women victims of human trafficking to experience freedom, establish independence and develop careers for a sustainable and fulfilling future.
Established almost 20 years ago in Asia, Starfish Project started from a desire to restore hope and bring freedom to women trapped in the sex industry in the red light districts of a large Asian city. Empowering those women with life skills and viable employment became the focus of the project, starting with jewellery-making skills and expanding to many other trades and qualifications.
Within 5 years of the first jewellery pieces being made, Starfish Project had established a safe house and training centre for women escaping exploitation. It soon expanded to more cities, and is now an established and successful jewellery brand with the purpose to transform lives for generations.
Your purchase of a beautiful Starfish Project jewellery piece is an investment in women and girls' freedom and independence.