Fair Trade handmade card depicting a white and pink unicorn in front of a rainbow. Message reads "May your birthday be magical!"
Fair Trade handmade card depicting a slice of cake with candle atop and fork nearby on a yellow background. Message in Star Wars credits style reads "May the fork be with you"
Fair Trade handmade card depicting 3 macarons (chocolate, pink and green) in a stach with one candle on top. Message reads "Happy birthday"
Fair Trade handmade green card depicting a sloth hanging from branch wearing party hat and blowing party blower. Message reads "I'm soooo slowwww... Happy belated birthday!"
Fair Trade handmade cream card depicting a turtle with red balloon attached from tail and wearing party hat. Message reads "sorry I'm a little late..."
Fair Trade handmade yellow card depicting a smiling child holding 2 large ice cream cones (white and pink) with sprinkles. Message in red reads "best.day.ever. Happy birthday!"
Fair Trade handmade card depicting a large white and pink cake with many candles on blue background. Yellow beam from candles reads "You're a little brighter ever year!" Message on cake reads "(or maybe it's just your cake) Happy birthday!

Good Paper Handmade Birthday Card - Philippines

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Good Paper Fair Trade card handcrafted by women who have escaped from sex trafficking in the Philippines. The paper used in these cards is a combination of handmade and recycled paper.

11 CM x 14.5 CM

Envelope included.

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