Good Paper - Life Changing Greeting Cards

So much more than ink on paper, Good Paper stationery is changing lives one greeting card at a time. These unique paper products are handmade in Rwanda by the young adult orphans of the Rwandan genocide, HIV/AIDS or Malaria, and handcrafted in the Philippines by former victims of sex trafficking. Honoring the strength and resilience of the makers, this for-profit social enterprise adheres to the principles of fair trade, empowering makers, and protecting the environment. Each individual greeting card is handcrafted and hand-signed by the maker, connecting you to a story of hope and to the life your purchase transforms.

Founded in Metro Manila in 2008, Good Paper responded to the desperate need for dignified and secure jobs for rescued women. With the aim of restoring the human spirit, they are committed to prioritizing the holistic and sustainable wellbeing of all staff members around the world. In 2011, the Good Paper network was fortified by the partnership of the International Justice Mission, an organization fighting to end human trafficking. Good Paper now operates fair trade production sites across the Philippines and in Rwanda, each partnering with non-profits to provide employees with access to care and life-skills training, helping them to restore strength and plan for a brighter future.

Proof that a small purchase can make a big impact, Good Paper is not only good to people but also prioritizes the wellbeing of the planet. The uniquely textured paper used to make their greeting cards is handmade from recycled materials in the Calauan region of the Philippines. By salvaging used paper products from offices and hand processing the paper pulp, Good Paper is able to create high-quality paper without enabling harmful deforestation.

Sharing a Good Paper card with a loved one not only puts a smile of their face; it delivers a message of hope and encouragement, making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.