Eden Bracelet - Leather Speak Up, Asia

Eden Bracelet - Leather Speak Up, Asia

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Leather bracelet with metal plate.

Sizes available:

Medium – approx. 19 cm

Large – approx.. 22.5 cm


There are 40.3 million victims of modern day slavery in our world today.* That’s more than the whole population of Canada. This staggering statistic calls us to speak up more than ever before! 

The Speak Up Collection has been created for you as a tool. You can wake up in the morning, put on your jewellery and wear it as a symbol to the world that you are speaking up for the fundamental right to freedom. The Speak Up pieces start conversations about the severity of the problem, and the many ways to get involved in the solution. By speaking up you are inherently building up courage in yourself. It takes courage to end in justice. Join Eden in reaching out to women in exploitation—they need your voice!


*International Labour Organization, 2017


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