Smarteria - Sustainable Accesories with Soul

With creativity at the core, Smarteria is based on a strong sense of responsibility to people and the planet. Founded in 2006 by two entrepreneurial women, Jennifer Morellato & Elisa Lion sought a way to empower Cambodians and bring new life to unconventional materials. Years of experimentation, business acumen, and ceaseless positivity have led them to create a thriving ethical brand, proudly producing bags with soul.
Being one of the world’s largest producers of fashion goods, Cambodia was already home to a thriving manufacturing industry, but it is plagued by harsh and in-humane working conditions. Wanting to make a positive change in the lives of locals, Smarteria committed to creating a safe, happy workplace, where everyone is given the chance to thrive. Now operating their own micro-factory, Smarteria is able to control production processes and working conditions from start to finish. Their welcoming facility adheres to leading luminosity standards, space per employee recommendations, and ergonomic workstations. They provide professional fire-safety training and regular building audit inspections. Employees are paid a living wage to work a standard eight-hour day, five days per week, as opposed to the Cambodian standard six-day workweek. Smarteria also provides free on-site childcare so the children of employees can enjoy the benefits of early-childhood education. By choosing to invest in people, Smarteria has fostered a loyal team made up of 80% women. Team members enjoy access to maternity leave, special family support leave, an annual bonus, and much-deserved mandatory paid holiday leave.
Guided by a sense of social responsibility, Smarteria uses strictly childfree labour and strives to ensure adult employees enjoy a healthy work-life balance, while also providing access to advancement opportunities. Employees are free to participate in training across the entire organisation, from pre-production to sales. Smarteria also provides English and Chinese language education to support the empowerment and independence of their team members.

100% ethically made in Cambodia, Smarteria makes no compromises. They insist on producing quality, functional, stylish, and sustainable accessories without jeopardizing the health and wellbeing of Khmer artisans or the environment.